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Farm Event Policies - The Bubbly Goat

Dress Code

  • Wear clothes suitable for getting dirty. Jeans and T-shirts are recommended


  • Only closed-toe shoes are allowed. Sandals and flip-flops are strictly prohibited

  • If you have long hair, consider tying it up to avoid attracting the goats' curiosity

  • Please leave all jewelry (necklaces, watches, piercings etc.) at home

  • Handbags and clutches are best left in your vehicle


  • While goats are gentle, remember that fingers aren't food, and it's best to keep them away from the goats' mouth

Failure to Follow Dress code:

  • You may be refused entry without refund

Inclement Weather

Regarding Outdoor Events

  • Held in varying weather conditions including light rain or snow. Outdoor events take place under a commercial canopy

  • Events will be canceled if temps exceed 95F or dip below 20F or under a severe weather warning issued by the NWS for the farm's area

  • Please dress accordingly

Regarding Indoor Events:

  • Conducted regardless of weather conditions

Weather Updates, Notification & Cancellation:

  • Guests will be updated via email and if you choose the option, SMS as well, via the contact information you provided during registration no less than 48 hours before the start of the event with more information on the situation and to let you know we are aware of the weather ahead. The email will also contain the following information below

  • Depending on the forecast and due to the unpredictability of weather, the farm frequently opts to issue a final decision on cancellation 3-4 hours prior to the event start time. This is because the weather can change for both better and worse

What if the event is cancelled?

Option 1 - Gift Card

  • If an event is canceled, you will have the option to be issued a gift card for your original purchase amount. It may be used for any event type, date or time from the calendar, subject to availability. If applied to a lower cost event, you may request to be credited. If applied to a higher cost event, the balance will be due at checkout. Gift cards from weather cancellations will be void 120 days after the date of the cancellation email. Gift cards from weather events are non refundable. They are transferable.

Option 2 - Refund

  • You may request a full refund within 5 business days from when the cancellation notice is sent

  • Failure to reschedule or request a refund within 5 business days after the canceled event date will render tickets void. The 5 day clause is to ensure timely refunds and reschedules during our short season

Biosecurity & Protecting the Goats

  • We prioritize the health and safety of our goats, treating them as a part of our family. We ask that you do the same

Potential Risks:

  • Various fatal, incurable diseases can be transmitted to goats from different animal facilities. Some diseases can affect the goat for its entire life. These diseases are goat specific and do not affect people.

Guest Responsibility:

  • Mucous, saliva, or manure from other animals can remain infectious for 8 months or more on clothing and shoes posing a risk to other animals

  • If you've visited other animal facilities within the last 3 months, please ensure clothing and footwear worn during those visits is cleaned before coming to our farm

  • Be conscious of clothing items such as jackets, sweatshirts, and outerwear which do not get washed often

  • For further knowledge, guests are encouraged to research diseases like caseous lymphadenitis, caprine arthritis encephalitis, and Johne's disease

Ticket requirements; How many tickets do I need?

  • Quantity: One ticket is required per guest aged 2 and up, no exceptions

  • Supervision: At least one adult is mandatory for guests under 18

  • Intent to participate: Entry during any event for any reason implies intent to engage in the hosted experience, photograph, enjoy the farm ambience, or utilize the facilities in some capacity

  • Any visitor, whether participating, taking pictures or spectating, must possess a ticket

Age Requirements and Recommendations

  • Baby Goat Bottle Feeding: Suggested for ages 4 and up though ages 2 and up can attend

  • Baby Goat Snuggle Event: Ages 2 and up

  • Yoga, Baby Goat Yoga & Cheese Classes: Ages 10 and up

Parent Responsibility

  • Children under age 2 should be closely supervised due to the lively nature of goats

  • Farm staff may ask parents with infants and children under 1 year old to remain outside the goat areas for safety reasons if they deem the situation unsafe

  • Please ensure children behave appropriately. Farm staff reserve the right to ask poorly behaved children (running, chasing goats, rough handling) to remain outside of the goat interaction area

  • Supervision: At least one adult is mandatory for guests under 18

Venue Information

Pets, Food, Alcohol, Tobacco

  • No pets allowed on farm property

  • No Outside Food to Feed Goats: Our animals have specific diets, and external food can be harmful

Smoking & Alcohol

  • Our farm is a family-friendly, smoke-free, and alcohol-free venue. Offenders will be requested to leave


  • Portable restrooms and handwashing are provided


Carriers & Strollers

  • Not allowed in goat interaction areas due to the goats' affinity for jumping. Often not required. Short walk from parking area to goats


  • The farm is wheelchair-friendly, but manual wheelchairs are recommended to prevent potential damage to powered ones

Additional Information

  • Please contact us for further queries or concerns

Gift Card Purchases

  • Gift card purchases are non refundable

  • Gift cards may be used for any event at any time offered by the farm, subject to event availability.  We can not guarantee availability to a specific time or date to an event

  • Regarding cancellations due to weather, our standard weather policy applies.  Gift cards are treated as regular tickets

  • Gift cards can not be exchanged for cash

  • Bubbly Goat Experience gift cards can only be redeemed for farm experiences.  They can not be used for merchandise

  • Gift cards are valid for 1 year from date of purchase

  • Gift cards are transferable 

Refund, Cancellation, Reschedule and Ticket Transfer policy


  • All ticket sales are final. The farm does not issue refunds on tickets. Exceptions are made only if the farm cancels the event

Cancellations by Guests

  • Not permitted. We can not cancel your tickets


  • Rescheduling is not permitted.

  • Rescheduling can significantly affect other guests and removes desired slots from the calendar during our short season

  • * As such, you can only request to reschedule if the two following conditions are met 
    - - -
    **1. You must make the request within 48 hours of your ticket purchase.  
    **2.  You can only make a rescheduling request if your event is at least 10 calendar days away.

  • Note that **you can only reschedule within the same event type**, and all tickets from a single purchase must be rescheduled together to the same time/date
    * Rescheduling is also subject to availability, and the farm cannot guarantee the desired slots

  • * Reschedule requests made via the 48 hour policy will incur a 5 % service charge

Ticket Transfers

  • In the event you can not attend an event you may sell or gift your tickets to another party. Our tickets are transferable

  • Please be sure to make us aware of this and provide the contact information of the recipient. Please send information to Failure to do so will render tickets void

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