Colorful Soaps



Every bar of soap is different.

From scent to color each is one of kind.

Our soap is made the old fashion way using the cold prosses method.

We combine skin-loving oils and 

farm-fresh creamy goats milk 

to create the skin-nursing

bar of soap you know

about our productettts and how we make them

We start off by Adding lye to the milk, mixing and sturing all the way until the lye has fully doslived.  Then we mesure out the oils. 

Coconut oil,  Castor oil and Olive oil all get added to the

milk and from there we blend until it has become a

pudding-like concinstince known as trace.

Puring into the molds is the next step, then we let it

sit for 18 to 24 hrs in the molds alowing it to harden up.

We hand cut it into bars  of about 4 to 5 oz and place it on to our curing racks alowing it to cure naturly for about 6 weeks. this will allow your bar to be ferm and  last longer in the showe.

We package evey bar indvilbycg

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Boy Carrying Goat


Goat milk lotion is famous 

masks silky soft

comind fresh milk , oils, milkx and bottle  

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