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Our Story...

Our goat journey started in 2017 with our very first goats. Over a two year period we had grown our ADGA registered herd of dairy goats and refined the process of making high quality goat milk products such as soaps and lotions that are not only free of toxic compounds but are able to cleanse and nourish skin. In 2019 we began to offer our products at local farmers markets. One year later,  we found ourselves in the middle of the pandemic.  Many of our farmers market customers were asking to come down and visit our  farm.  We thought it was a wonderful idea and opened our farm to the public. Since then, our farm's offerings have expanded . From baby goat cuddles in the spring to Goat yoga to Christmas with the goats. We even have educational workshops on cheese making and bread making. It's our mission to raise our goats responsibly and bring our community together through the different goat events we host, as  well as to create the best possible goat milk products that are pure and gentle

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