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Summer Goat Snuggles 

With the start of a new season and our baby goat events behind us and in addition to our educational days, we thought to add an event for those who just want or need to unwind and spend some time with goats.  This is a 30  minute session on our family farm where you will be up close and personal with our goats in their playpen.  They may jump around and play or just chill out next to your chair.  One of our goat whisperers will be there to answer any and all questions you may have.  These are private group events meaning your timeslot is reserved for you, the group organizer/family member and their desired guests.  Lastly masks are indeed required to participate.  We also ask that you do not bring any treats for the goats.  We promise they will be just as happy to see you!

educational events

Other Farm Events

Our farm regularly hosts fun and educational events seasonally 

  • Maple Sugaring

  • Goat milking & care demos

  • Gardening classes 

  • Birthday parties & more!

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Join us for a 1 Hour guided visit with our goats!  We will take you on a journey of a shortened average morning with the goats.  For the first portion we will cover everything from learning to milk a goat, milk handling, feeding, care and using a microscope for parasite control.  

Afterward you’ll get to meet our full-sized dairy herd and their babies born in February and March for a one on one experience, and while you are here be sure to say hi to our ducks and flock of 120 chickens!  Be sure to bring a camera!  If you are interested in bringing a large group, please get in touch with us via out contact page.