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Big White Hero...

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

The story of Archie our LGD saving our goat Petuina's life

Meet Archie, he is our 3 yr old Great Pyrenees.

An awsome gaurd dog, friend, hero and much much more...

One day on the farm we had Archie out in the pasture with the goats. The goats where in part of pasture that was fenced off.

The fencing was new. Goats being goats of course had to explore the new fencing and by explore we mean test the limits!. Our most persnickety, Petuina had to try out the new fencing. As she tried to brake through the fencing she got tangle up. Warping her whole body in it. At that time our family was in the house and did not notice this happing, but you know whw did notice it??

Archie, yup our big white buddy noticed her sturggling in the fance looking for a way out. Archie barked and barked for about 5 minuits. Then Joy herd him barking and looked out the window. She saw Petuina all caught up in the fence. She quickley ran out to untangle petuin. Petuin got out safley and no harme done but if it wasent for Archie's consented barking we woud of never nocied her cault up in the fcenc and she could of got her self really hurt. We own Petuina's life to Archie, if not for him who knows what would of happend. Thank you Archie you are the farms hero!!

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