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Family Portrait

A little history


Agriculture has always been

in our family.

Starting with grandpa Mike.  

One of his first jobs was working  in the hay fields of Burlington County and milking the cows

at neighboring farm.   

Later on he took a job as a

milkman delivering milk to all

the neighbors.  He was such

a sweet person, everyone who

met him loved him.   He always

believed in treating people the

way he would want to be treated and having respect for all.  He had a huge customer base because of this philosophy.   When he retired he was still concted to the                                 farming life style. his favorite thing                                   to do  was to grab a cup of coffee and

                           go for a long ride in the country. 

                       He would always go to local

                             farms and support them because

truly believed in farms and everything it stands for.      Well I guess it's like they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!.  Three generations later in the early 2000s me (Barbara) and my two kids had officiality started our own, little family homestead. 






We had a large garden, canned all kinds of fruits and veggies, cooked from  scratch and even had some chickens.  We, to just like grandpa Mike love every thing farmie??, so some time later our passion of farming had moved us to a 'real' farm. We knew exactly what we wanted, and because we had homestead before we knew how manage to this beautiful farm and take care the little critter that live here.

Our family history is super important to us as that is what has shaped us in the farmers we are today.


Grandpa Mike and Grandma Dolores at their wedding in 1950


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