Happy Family

Meet Our Family

Hi there... I'm Barbara

Mom to two these two wonderful and hard working kid

I've been home maker and mom for the past 21 years.

i have alawys been in love with farms sinsce my 20s.

When the kids where small i use to go to fams to get organic produce and homemake every meal my famiy ate. im a self taout cook, cheesmaker, baker, canner.

I do most of the online and marketing stuff. i also make the candles and pckged the products.

the best time for me is whne  im in the barn.


MY name is anthony 

im 21 and my passion is micro greens and horses

I do all of the construction aroud the farm. from building barns to installing fences.  i laso have koage in equine scinse that hepls apply it to the helth of goats.  whne im not doing goat stuff im in the green house with paltns. iv grown everything under the sun. flower. radish, kale,the list goes on.  i lalso seel a the makrths and package all of the mil orders

Hey everyone! im mike 16 and bron in trenton
my passion is everything anmilas. ihave been a mother to critters since befor i could read or write.
i also make all of the soap and help develop the recipes. i love to watch a produt go from oils to lotion

A little history..

Later on he took a job as a
milkman delivering milk
the neighbors.  He was such
a sweet person, everyone who
met him loved him.   He always
believed in treating people the
way he'd want to be treated and having respect for all.   When he retired he still held a passion for farming.  His favorite thing to do  was to grab a cup of coffee and go for a long ride in the country. He would always go to local farms and support them because he truly believed in farms and everything it stands for.   



Agriculture has always been
in our family.
Starting with grandpa Mike.  
One of his first jobs was working  in the hay fields of Burlington County and milking the cows
at neighboring farm.   


Grandpa Mike and Grandma Dolores at their wedding in 1950