She is the redhead of the herd.  Born and raised in Chatsworth NJ, she is 7 years old and one of our first LaMancha goats to join the farm.  In early 2018 she found her forever home here in Stockton NJ. Carmella is a very mild-mannered goat and just loves her humans!  Despite her sweet disposition to humans, she can be a little bossy to her herd mates.  We call her the supermodel because she prances around the pasture like a beauty queen.


Stella .

Stella rules the herd fare and square,  letting everyone know she's the top goat! Never mean but always getting her point across. She is the only goat that notices EVERYTHING.  She will stare at you when you get a haircut or new shirt  Many times during the night milking she has made all of us a little nervous by staring out into the woods thinking she sees something.



The black and white Oreo Cookie goat.

The daughter of Carmella, she is one of our first baby LaMancha goats to be born on the farm. This little girl is somewhat shy despite being born here and growing up on our farm with everyone else. You will almost always find her a couple of feet away from the rest of the herd.  She is a love though, and one of our sweetest goats! She likes to come up and snuggle on her terms.



Our firstborn on the farm.  She is a playful girl with a little tomboy in the mix. Always the one to jump the fence to get to the other side.  To her, the grass is always greener over there, lol.  By far she is one of the easiest goats to train!  All you need is her favorite teat (Apples!) and a little bit of persistence.  



She is the persnickety goat.  She has her favorites. Only one of our family members can milk her, otherwise, she will jump around the milk stand and the milk will go flying!!. 

She loves human food!! Anything you give her!! Coffee, Ice tea, Cheese puffs, apples, peanut butter, potato chips, peaches, pizza, pretzels, and one time she even took a bite of a meatloaf sandwich.  This girl loves to snuggle.  After milking her, 

she always gives a big hug and leans her head into your shoulders!.  







He one of our boys.

He loves pets and snuggles! When you pet him he'll wag his little tail just like a dog! The absolute cutest thing ever!!  He is a short little guy with these deep dark brown eyes that will melt your heart!.  What he loses in size, he makes up for it in his little heart.  Our little cutie pie.   We love you Curly

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