Goat coummit happnes and lov is whao ower are

Mission / how we feel about the farm


Welcome to our farm, the little corner of the country we call home, 

We are a family-run farm located in the beautiful green rolling hills of Hunterdon County, NJ.  This place is where the chickens roam free and the goats graze peacefully all day. 










How did we get farming/?.

Well i guess it is been pastdown for a fwe genartion now .

After growing up the my dad who was a milk man  teh passion of farms must have been passed fown to me, i loved evey thing farm  my kids had lovde out to so mucht that 

A frine of mine (Barbara) invited us over for sewing classes and to visit her farm and help with the chores.  She had chickens, sheep, and goats. Being that   Dairy goats!  My daughter was the assistant milker whenever we would come over.  and my son had was teh egg colector after all he has had chickhen sinse he was 4 years ould. 

as we hmesteads on our winh we would still goat to teh farm and we rally wnat eour won. soa we did a this and got this pale  solye bu surly whe change farm a homested to a real farm, frist was the almost 2 caer garnde, then was soem barn cates, rabbits, goats, ducks, a dog chickhen sn and even moer chickhens.  we wher e now a real farm. 

we belive in loveing our animsl and geibvcare, 

theese little critters depnd on us,  

we beleve that our coummity needs more local farm 

happeness, and gaot that sis usjy

Thanks for reading