We are a small family farm in Stockton, New Jersey.  Our soap is handmade right here on our goat ranch. Our family works together breeding, raising and milking our small herd of dairy goats.  Each one of our goats has a name and all are an integral part of our family.  Each one has a personality all their own.  Different and unique in each way.  They are loving creatures who freely give of themselves to our farm every single day, morning and night.  They give us beautiful babies that we never take for granted and they give us the most rich and delicious milk.  This milk enables us to make cheese, caramels and ice cream in our kitchen.  It also enables us to make the soaps, lotions, skincare and laundry soap that we proudly offer for sale at one of our markets or at the Goat Gift Shop or right here online.  For all that they willingly give to the farm, we owe them everything.  A stress free life with food, good quality hay and a nice big pasture to stretch their legs and graze to their heart's content and lots of hugs and scratches.