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The Bubbly Goat is an amazing place where magic happens...

Our whole farm helps bring a sense of love, the laughter of goats and

our farm-crafted products

to the community around us.



Happy Family

How The Bubbly Goat Was Started 

On a warm sunny day in late June, sitting  on the back porch drinking some ice cold glasses of milk, The bubbly Goat was born!  We were enjoying the cool, rich, creaminess that our girls produced that morning and thinking about all the things that goat milk is perfect for..  Goat milk soap  came to mind.  This thought of making soap with the milk from our goats was so farmy.  It would be a way to make use of  their milk way beyond the spring and summer and to provide a skin loving product .  We then researched and experimented and researched some more. Late nights spent burning the midnight oil and tired bleary eyed mornings fueled by strong coffee.  Those are what the days  looked like for us during the early timeframe of our business.    Then one day we found the pot of gold.  our perfect recipe was created and perfected!  came up with our own recipe for soap.  A good friend of ours was our tester.  She had some skin issues and after using the soap, she saw a marked improvement.  Around the same time, we thought how nice it would be to create a lotion as well.  This one took some time, but we did it!    We now have this luxurious and creamy lotion that so many know and  love.  We have since expanded our whole line.  We have added many skin care products and a laundry soap.   The milk our girls so willingly give us morning and evening have enabled us to turn it into a little business that supports our small family far.   They are truly a blessing to our family and to all who use and love our farmcrafted products.‘

The Bubbly Goat
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